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享锐 | Ying

future car design
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Luyao Zhu
'Family Trip +'

'Family Trip +' | Luyao Zhu

How Baojun MPV 2027 provides a joyful family trip, with enhanced experience on entertainment, relaxation and family connection.
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| Magpie

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宝骏豪华轿车 行宫 Mirage

宝骏豪华轿车 行宫 Mirage | 彩虹桥叔叔

一款针对未来公共交通发达,私家车的意义渐渐变得更加娱乐化的家用豪华轿车。 This a lux-sedam designed for futuro which people are more confort with car shering and a priviet car are more like big toy to bring fun to family.
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baojun family car

baojun family car | since1991

This concept is design for future family.It provide two mode.
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Family Zone MPV Concept

Family Zone MPV Concept | Bengo

Design Notes: Family Zone is a new MPV concept design intended for young families, the design inspiration comes from the feeling of home——reliable, familiar sense of family warmth. The special car skin of the body part is new material which can change color, pattern, texture according to the user's mood demand through software control for personalized settings. The motion of provoking the curtain is the main instant inspiration ,it create a familiar feeling of warm home, the action of pulling open the soft door heralds the family members get on leisure entertainment. The form design of interior and exterior trying to extract the beauty of Chinese calligraphy art. In writing the word "马(horse)" ,the simplicity and imposing manner of bending strokes are just like the design language of side view and taillight graphic of Baojun production car, which pays attention to the brand genetic inheritance. Flexible interior matches requirements or travel purpose according to different family members, Holographic projection interface make it easy for in-car activities and communication. This design try to reduce the barriers between vehicles and users.The flexible interior try to create spaces where healthy interaction and shared responsibility will take place.The modern family is a diverse unit with a full range of ever-changing roles.Every member should be involved in a journey as they are at home,which us designers should do something about.
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