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Wang Gui (Arthur) Mentor

Wang Gui (Arthur)

Gui Wang

Company: SGMW China
Position: Advanced Design Manager
In 2005 Wang joined Dongfeng Liuzhou Auto Company as a truck designer after graduation. In 2008, he joined SGMW , he has gained training at the GM North America Design Center between 2008 &2009. In 2011 he worked on a brief project in GM Melbourne, Australia. He has many years experience in SGMW where he is responsible for many designs of Wuling commercial vehicles as well as Baojun new energy vehicles. He is now managing the Advanced design group to take a selected team into the next exciting vision for the future.
Education / Experience
Wang graduated from Chong Qing university of Industrial Design in 2005. He had several design trainings abroad.
Location: China